LRN Level 5 Certificate in English Language

The course is an intensive programme of study for which you will need to be able to commit to fully. The course includes modules on: students and teachers and the teaching and learning context; language analysis and awareness; language skills; reading, listening, speaking and writing; planning and resources for different teaching contexts; developing teaching skills in ELT.


This specification provides an overview to the LRN Level S Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (ELTAC) for candidates, centres, administrators, employers, teachers and examiners.  The specification outlines the key features and administrative  procedures required for this qualification.


Whilst the submitted title of this qualification is the LRN Level S Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, the brand name of this qualification will be the English Language Teaching and Assessment Certificate.   LRN will ensure it provides accurate and correct information regarding the title of this qualification to centres, candidates and other users of this qualification.


The  English Language Teaching and Assessment  Certificate  is designed for candidates who have limited experience  of teaching  English language to  adults.   The  qualification  is an intensive  programme  of study which will enable candidates to gain a recognised teaching qualification, with a focus for those wishing  to specialise in teaching English to either speakers of other languages or for those who wish to teach English to adults.


Candidates for the English Language Teaching and Assessment Certificate may include those:

  1. needing to personally develop, or extend their skills, within a career in teaching;
  2. with limited qualifications or experience in teaching English to adults;
  3. who wish to consolidate their understanding and/or gain a recognised qualification in teaching English Language.


Candidates should have:

  • a good command of English in all four language skills (i.e. listening, speaking, reading, writing) equivalent to CI on the CEFR
  • a good basic understanding of literacy, numeracy and ICT equivalent to Level 2
  • access to at least 12 hours teaching practice in English Language education.

Prior basic teaching experience is not a prerequisite as this is an initial teacher training qualification. Centres will put in place their own procedures to carry out an initial assessment in order to decide on a course applicant’s suitability for the course.


This qualification has been constructed to be delivered within centres or via distance learning.

Centres will need to demonstrate to LRN, through the centre recognition processes, that they have the resources, facilities and competence to deliver through either method. Centres may apply to offer through both means if so desired.  However, centres must be able to demonstrate, in line with LRN’s criteria, that they have the means, capability, capacity and resources (including suitably qualified centre staff) to deliver by the method chosen by the centre. Through either method, centres must ensure that practical teaching will be observed and assessed.


The English Language Teaching and Assessment Certificate reflects the wide variation in candidates’ origins, levels of education and career aims. Progression opportunities may, therefore, take a variety of paths. Depending on the level of qualification achieved, it may be appropriate for the candidate to progress to:

  • Diploma in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages at Level 6 (subject to individual Awarding Organisation (AO) requirements)
  • A degree level program in a teaching related discipline
  • Any other AO qualification at level 6 or above in teaching or other discipline (subject to individual AO requirements)


Please refer to LRN’s policy on the Recognition of Prior Learning to determine whether previously achieved qualifications meet LRN’s policy on possible exemptions.


LRN aims to use English that is plain, clear, free from bias and appropriate to all candidates.

LRN will ensure the assessment materials, stimuli and the assessment itself is carried out in English.


The qualification covers the knowledge and skills required by teachers/trainers who wish to progress their career in English Language Teaching (ELT). There are five mandatory units for this qualification; they are as follows:

Title Level Credit GLH Exam format
Knowledge, understanding and skills of teaching, learning and assessment in ELT 5 6 25 Assignment
Developing, teaching, learning and assessment in ELT 5 6 25 Assignment
Planning resources for effective delivery in ELT 5 6 25 Assignment
Language Awareness and Analysis to support Skill in ELT: Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing 5 6 33 Assignment
Applied teaching practice in the ELT classroom 5 6 Minimum 12 hours teaching practice. Minimum 6 hours followed by formative assessment.
Minimum 5 learners in 2 groups at two different levels.

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